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54. NCIS:LA 3x05 Sacrifice picspam

It's time again for Tony's Tuesday Review at ncis_verse, so let's have two picspams of  my favorite scenes from NCIS:LA 3x05 'Sacrifice'.
First there is Nell and Eric, which I like mostly because of the Eric footage. I do like Nell and her chemistry with Eric but I don't ship them at all, though to me it feels sometimes scenes are made to ship them.
Second is the last scene with Deeks and Kensi. Just look into his eyes THERE IS SUCH A THING!!!

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53. NCIS:LA fanmix

My part for the Musical Big Bang at ncis_verse.

I had the idea for that fanmix when I remembered how we talked about characters from the shows we’d like to go on a roadtrip with at the last Bingo.
So this is a CD I’d give the LA team when they go on a road trip (because we all know Gibbs wouldn’t allow any music like that in the car…in general a DC team roadtrip would be much different from a LA team one) and it’s full of fun and good mood songs to make sure passangers and driver are feeling good.

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Fashion/Jana Flötotto

47. NCIS 8x15 Defiance picspam

We started working Case 2 at ncis_verse and it's again time for Tony's Tuesday Review.
After doing some NCIS:LA I went back to the mothershow, with a pretty recent episode.
I wanted something fun to picspam and Tony playing around with Photoshop fit this purpose quite nicely.

Additionally I found lovebars from last case I didn't share here yet...

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Fashion/Jana Flötotto

41. Challenge icons, headers, picspam and request header

[1-8] Challenge icons (Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Stock)

+ Kensi/Deekspicspam for ncis_verse
+ Fringe headers & valentines for fringeverse  [if you want something changed on a header e.g. without text whatsoever don't hesitate to ask :)]
+ 5 headers for auctions @ help_japan (NOT SHAREABLE! Expect the recepient is okay with it, so make sure you ask them before you snag anything, they paid for those graphics!)

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