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53. NCIS:LA fanmix

My part for the Musical Big Bang at ncis_verse.

I had the idea for that fanmix when I remembered how we talked about characters from the shows we’d like to go on a roadtrip with at the last Bingo.
So this is a CD I’d give the LA team when they go on a road trip (because we all know Gibbs wouldn’t allow any music like that in the car…in general a DC team roadtrip would be much different from a LA team one) and it’s full of fun and good mood songs to make sure passangers and driver are feeling good.

>>Download Zip<<

Fanvid recommendations:
Bad Day - Tony fanvid by SweetAnonymity
Kate and the Boys by KateTodd1989
Marty Deeks - Everybody loves me by lastonthelist
NCIS – I’m gonna die another day by matar8022
NCIS – There is no ‘I’ in team by IDIOTdella
Keeks Densi NCIS LA, Sideways by frusty65
Jibbs – First day of my life by catsester
NCIS – Temptation Version 2.0 by dannyocean18
Chasing Pavements [Tony/Ziva] by torontogirl86
Callen&Kensi – NCIS:Los Angeles by iarancislafan
NCIS LA "Kensi Blye" by SaraM250
NCIS LA team 'in pieces" by SaraM250
Tiva – Your love is a lie by Yellowierd0
NCIS Los Angeles ‘Here we go’ by SaraM250
Kensi&Callen "Violet Hill" by SaraM250
NCIS LA ... Best new team by SaraM250
G.Callen (NCIS LA) "What if" by SaraM250
NCIS Los Angeles team fun&cool by SaraM250

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